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H - The HOFER Blog

The This and That's of Chris Hofer...

Chris Hofer
19 July 1977
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Name - Christopher Hofer

Birth Date - July 19, 1977 = 32

Zodiac Sign - Cancer

Gender - Male

Location - Portland, Oregon USA

Status - Long term relationship with Colleen

Smoke/Drink - no/no

Children - no, but i have 1 dog & 3 cats

Employment - Safeway, Inc.

Education - Warrenton High School, Diploma 1995

So in a nut shell, I work and when I am not working I relax at home either playing online games at Pogo.com or video games. In the other time that I find I catch the occasional movie and focus on Martial Arts. I am currently a green belt in Taekwondo.

Music/Movies - My faves are Genesis and Phil Collins. I like a lot of the animated movie soundtracks like Disney. Movies I like include Action, Sci-fi, animation, and Foreign. Actors that I enjoy watching are Steven Seagal, Keanu Reeves, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Jackie Chan, and Jim Carrey.

My Love - Colleen and I met May 7th, 1999 through my step-father. Then to find out he knew her brother. Small world eh? I was happy to find her. She understands me and helps me stand up for myself when I wasn't able too. Because of her I am a stronger person today. I love her very much. I have my pet names for her too. Colleen is my "sweet honey ham" "snook" "sweetheart" and "boo" Oh did I say that I love her? We plan to be married on May 7th but of which year we are not sure yet. You can go visit her at ColleenMarie.org or her Live Journal.

My Appearance - A lot of people stare. Some people whisper to others. Other people come straight up to me and ask me "What happened to your face?" Personally I like the direct approach, but I understand why kids would stare. Here is my story...

When I was three years old while being baby sat I was playing with a lighter. In result the house caught on fire and burned down. I was the only survivor. It ended up burning half of my body. So I have really bad scars on my face, chest, arms, and legs. I am able to do anything a normal person can do physically, but mentally I am a tad bit slower. While I may learn at a slower pace doesn't mean I won't learn at all. They say the smoke inhalation affected my brain and motor skills.

So when someone asks me what happened I don't mind answering the truth about it in hopes that it will help another family in the future.